Thursday, May 03, 2007

Has it really come to this?

That's right. We are considering buying a mini van. It makes logical sense. It's cheaper than our current car, roomier and more convenient. And, supposing I get pregnant anytime soon, we could have four kids by this time next year. We will need the room. But why is it that when I picture myself driving a mini van, I feel just a tad less "cool"?

I already miss my sexy, sporty SUV. :( I think I better go spend some quality time with her in the garage before she goes.


shell said...

welcome to the real world!
when we got our van, i was only 24 year sad. now that we have filled up our minivan, what is next!?! a ten-passenger before i turn 30?

Ben and Laura said...

I too, am a minivan momma. It makes me cringe a little to say that.
We sold my sexy, cute, new Jetta when we first had Emilie.
We still agree that was the dumbest choice we've ever made.
Enjoy the SUV while you can!

Christi said...

Get the orange slices and juice ready. Isn't that what comes next for soccer moms? :)

I am sure the minivan will make your trips to Chelan a lot more comfortable.

Jenn said...

what about a full-size suv? we went from sedan to suburban! what a jump. we found minivans to be too lack on roominess. the suv was so much easier in get kids out of carseats.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Shana!
-Tracy :)

Lori said...

I used to cringe at minivans, like I used to look at people with a truckload of kids and think they must be burdened and joyless...what misconceptions!! What's truly great is the glory of God that gleams from a family like yours and it far outshines whatever vehicle you use to transport them to and fro.

Jen said...

We upgraded our 5-seat Jeep to a 7-seat Jeep ... I just wasn't ready for the mini-van stereotype (which I admit I apply horrifically). However, in my cul-de-sac, Moms are getting mini-vans by the multitudes and they are loving them. Some even look chic in them ~ put on some sweet shades and touch up your lipstick (don't worry if you don't have shoes on and your pants don't match your top - no one can see from the chest down when you're driving). Start a new stereotype for those of us destined to join the Mini-Van Mamas and take a spin on the "new wild side" ... ok, with that last comment, I lost it! DON'T DO IT! (And if you do, lie to us and tell us you love it!!) : )