Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Three Month Post-Placement Visit

Yesterday was our three month post-placement visit with our social worker. It hasn't quite been three months yet since we've been home, but since we'll be busy doing nothing on the beach in Hawaii, we had to have our visit a little early. :)

Things went well at the visit. There really wasn't much to report on; Isaiah's healthy, growing, happy and loved. And we feel like we're coping well as his parents and as a family of four. One cute thing that happened during the visit, was that Isaiah was sitting on the floor watching Emma be silly in front of him, and he would start cracking up at her. I've never seen him laugh without physical contact before, such as tickling or kissing, so that was a first.

All four of us are still fighting colds, which we have had for over two weeks now. We are somewhat getting used to being elbow-deep in snotty rags, but I hope for the sake of our vacation that we all get well soon. We leave in two days! I need to pack!

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Brianna Heldt said...

Hoping you guys get over your colds soon! Me and all the kids have been sick for a week with colds ourselves. :(

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