Monday, April 02, 2007


Isaiah's hair is getting noticeably longer and fuller. It is so soft, and lush, and after a bath settles into perfect, loose curls. It is still a little thin in the back, but I've noticed even those hairs are starting to hold their curl for longer - rather than becoming an immediately flattened rat's nest.
Right now our hair routine is pretty simple; after washing with Mustella baby wash (which smells amazing) I pat it dry and then work in a little of my own Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner. If we can avoid pulling clothes over the top of Isaiah's head, his curls last pretty well for most of the day.

Right now my goal for Isaiah's hair is for it to get a little fuller all around, and then leave it in an "afro" style. I of course have no idea how to do this, other than let it happen on its own. I did order some hair milk from Carol's Daughter the other day, so maybe that will help keep his hair soft and in place.


Jenn said...

Isaiah is just beautiful. I love the pic of his curls!

Brianna Heldt said...

He's so cute! Our boys' curls are SO tight, though I have a friend with an adopted son from Ethiopia whose hair has the looser curls like Isaiah's.

leisa said...

I went to a hair day, hosted by a mother to 3 Ethiopian born children on the weekend. We learnt about the care and different styles. She recommended "It's all good hair" apparently it is available at Amazom.
Leisa Australia

Ben and Laura said...

I love the curls and can't wait to see the afro! He is absolutely DARLING

The Brown Family said...

I think this is my first time to comment on your blog. I check in occasionally to see what's going on with your cute kiddos.
My son's hair is very similar to Isaiah's. I haven't found THE product that will help his curls stay in place and not get flattened or frizzy or, on the opposite spectrum, stiff and wet looking. I've been on the hunt for a good product, so let me know how the hair milk works!

Cvam said...

Hey there, tried sending you email to you address, but was returned? So much to tell you, as well as find out from you!


Shana said...

CVAM! Use hotmail, not yahoo.

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