Friday, March 16, 2007

More people need to know about this

Remember AHOPE, the orphanage we visited for HIV+ orphans? Well, Erin's family was one of the charter-families who were able to adopt a child from AHOPE once the government relaxed and decided it was okay to adopt children with HIV.

Erin's family adopted a beautiful, two year old girl who is HIV positive, and who without treatment would have had a very short life. Now, after being home for only a few months, this child is unbelievably healthy!

Y'all, you just HAVE to read this story about this little girl's test results!

And just in case you are actually considering NOT clicking on the above link, here is a little teaser line from the story....

"Last week got the awesome news that Belane's HIV is already "undetectable". ...

Here's the link once more. :)


5KidMom said...

You're absolutely right! This is HUGE news!! I am in awe of this beautiful little girl, and all the other wonderful children at AHOPE. Other than picking up Grace, our visit to AHOPE was the highlight of our trip.

Erin said...

Thanks Shana for sharing this. :)
E (aka Belane's mom)