Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sunday Afternoon (last "Sunday" post, I promise!)

Sunday Afternoon

We spent most of the afternoon in our hotel room, getting to know our son. We fed him, bathed him, played with him, and took lots of pictures and video of him. He is such a sweet baby. To think that his whole world was just turned upside down, and here he is surrounded by a bunch of pale people making weird faces at him, and yet he delights us with smiles and giggles. He has such an expressive face. When he smiles, it lights up the room. And when he’s not quite sure what to do, he gets this little look of concern, with his brow furrowed, which just melts me. It’s much like the look in my favorite one of his referral photos, and I’m so glad I get to witness it in person.

I think we skipped lunch that day, and had an early dinner in the hotel restaurant at around 3:00 PM. We were all so wiped out, and Brian and Dad were suffering from altitude sickness, that it was all we could do to stay awake until about 6:30 when we crashed for the night. Isaiah woke up once at around 10:00, but went right back to sleep after I held him for a second. Then he woke up for a bottle around 1:30, and again around 4:00, and we were up for the day at about 5:30. Not bad for a new baby in a new environment and a new family.

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So sweet!! I love the pictures and updates. [:-)


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