Saturday, February 03, 2007


I am so pleased that Isaiah's nursery is finally finished! It has been close for a while, with the exception of the final detail - the panel drapes, which Auntie Myram sewed and hung for us while we were in Ethiopia. I just love the way everything came together, and the soft, relaxing feel of the room. Some of my favorite points are:

  • The black and crystal chandelier with leopard print shades
  • The silk drapes and the way they puddle elegantly on the floor
  • The contrast of the black and white furniture
  • The wall color, especially the gold-metallic faux finish

I love spending time in this room, and I hope it serves Isaiah well for a long time.


Katie R. said...

Nice nursery! So pretty... It looks very calm & serene. Congratulations!

Dave & Lori Young said...

Congratulations you guys! What a beautiful nursery for a very blessed little boy. We've been following your adoption story on your blog and have prayed for you & cried sad and happy tears along with you guys. We could not be happier for you, and all of your friends here are soooo happy :) Love you!

Toni said...

WOW! What a beautiful and elegant nursery!

Congrats on your newest family member!

Avery said...

the room is awesome, very nice

Anonymous said...


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