Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jet Lag Horrors

I shouldn't have opened my mouth. I was practically bragging on how I had no problem adjusting to the ten-hour time difference in Ethiopia. And going back home, I figured, would be even easier.

I was so wrong. I have barely been able to tell which side is "up" since we've been back. The first morning I actually felt great, and I felt a little guilty knowing people from church would be bringing us meals. But that afternoon I hit a wall, and I haven't climbed over it since. Today I thought I was maybe over it, as I was feeling fairly normal while we were out and about. Then came 4:00, and I closed my eyes for a quick nap...and woke up at 8:00, even more tired than before.

To top things off Brian, Emma and I all came down with a stomach bug within minutes of each other this afternoon. Ugh. Let's just say I am thankful we have three toilets in our house.

Here's praying for a good nights sleep and a fresh day tomorrow.


owlhaven said...

Oh, bummer...feel better soon!!


Avery said...

ditto, exactly the same experience over here, my cousin got us with a bug they picked up in Costa Rica when we got back from Ethiopia

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