Monday, February 12, 2007

Adjusting and Sleeping

Sicknesses aside, we have been adjusting really well here. We have now been home two weeks, yet it seems like an eternity ago that we were in Ethiopia - maybe just a dream.

Our first week home my only goal was to get us all back (and Isaiah for the first time) onto the correct time zone. It took most of that week for Brian and I to adjust, but within only a few days Isaiah was within an hour or two of where we wanted him to be (bedtime at 8, waking at 8).

This past week I decided we were ready to work on eliminating one of the two nighttime feedings Isaiah was getting. He had been waking at around 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM for bottles, and I noticed that he was becoming less interested in the latter one, so I decided to drop it. So, three mornings ago when Isaiah woke at around 5:00, I went in, gave him his binky, patted his back, and within minutes he was back asleep. And stayed that way until after 8:00! And he has done so every morning since!

Last night Isaiah surprised us by not waking for a bottle at all until 5:30 AM, which he slowly drank, then immediately fell back asleep until 8:30. I was thinking he would keep the first feeding, which I would eventually move up bit by bit until we could drop it, but perhaps he will just stretch it out on his own. 10 hours sure isn't bad!

Now if only I could train myself to sleep through the night...


Dawn said...

I am so jealous. Our little guy has been home 5 months. He still wakes for one feeding and is up at 6:30 for the day--he goes to bed about 8:30. Needless to say we don't get a lot of sleep.

Ben and Laura said...

Wow! Home for 2 weeks and he's already sleeping for long stretches! How fabulous!
So glad that you are all feeling better!

5KidMom said...

I am VERY impressed!! It took Grace months to sleep through the night. She still doesn't go to bed until almost 10:00pm, and wakes between 7:00 and 7:30am. She's not much of a napper either. I'm lucky to get a full hour, once a day. Yawn!

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