Thursday, January 04, 2007

We're really leaving!

I guess I forgot to post that we have our plane tickets, and we're really going! Thanks to Kathy for spending basically two days on the phone with ticketing agents. And double thanks to Dad and Kathy for their extra surprise to us.

We are leaving on Friday, January 19th, and returning home on Sunday, the 28th. I can't believe that TWO WEEKS from TOMORROW, we will be on our way to meeting our son! God is so good, and continues to amaze me.

By the way, we were informed of a little glitch in Isaiah's visa process - as in there was no visa for him at the Embassy. After getting no where on the phone the last three days, I marched my little bootie down to our local immigration office to straighten things out. Thankfully I was helped by some very nice people, who found an error in our paperwork and fixed it, and should have everything lined up again in the next couple of days. Again, Praise the Lord for paving the way for us!

Okay, I'm off to go panic some more about things that need to get done.

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