Friday, January 05, 2007

Lodging Woes

For the past year, Brian and I have been researching, dreaming, and debating about where we would stay when we're in Ethiopia. We considered all options, including one that would put us in a "posh" hotel, making the trip an exotic vacation; or one putting us in a comfortable, yet practical guest house, where we would "live" with other families for a while. There are many options in between, too. We finally settled on the Hilton, which is very nice, but still affordable, and has a nice pool and garden area. Even to be safe, we came up with a back-up plan, of a new hotel called the Damu, which is supposedly nice and clean, but considerably smaller than the Hilton.

Well, here we are, now a few hours less than two weeks from traveling, and we have NO place to stay. The Hilton is booked. Even the ridiculously expensive Sheraton is booked. We can't get through to the Damu, and our travel agent has more-or-less given up on trying other hotels, saying "this is usually the slow time of year, I don't know why all the hotels are full".

So, in an attempt to prevent us being homeless our first week with our son, I have decided to come up with a contingency plan, and book two rooms in the guest house. I don't even know if they have two rooms available, and at this point, probably won't know until Monday. Even if they do have availability, I'm not exactly thrilled, as I am the type who really likes privacy - and her own bathroom.

Okay, I know I need to remind myself that I am traveling to a third-world country, and I really shouldn't be picky about where I stay. After all, the ENTIRE object of this trip is to get our precious baby in our arms! And to be honest, I really don't have many expectations for our trip. I am going to try and be flexible, and do what we can, and know that some day we will travel back there for a family vacation - when we can pick our own dates. :)


owlhaven said...

Shana, See if you can get the room at the guest house right next to the kitchen. It has a living area and a bedroom area AND its own bathroom. The bathrom is not great looking, but it IS your own.

Or, you could also try the Ghion hotel. Other families have not loved it, but I really didn't mind itat all. I would stay there again. The Riviera suites give you a big room, a side room, and a little kitchenette thingie...

Good luck!!


Brianna Heldt said...

Shana I second Mary's post. We stayed in that room at the guesthouse next to the kitchen and it was huge, perfect for us and two very active 16 month old boys! It wasn't super fancy but it was comfy and clean, and it was GREAT having access to a kitchen and fridge we could use. (As for privacy, I felt like we had it when we wanted it--we could just shut the door. It was a HUGE blessing being around others in the same scenario as us however.)

I'll email you about AHOPE soon!

Mommy said...

How stressful. Word from our agency's contact in Ethiopia is that there is a UN conference or somesuch on that week. He's looking for where we're sleeping the 2nd 1/2 of the week - we don't know where it will be

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