Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In my hot little hands

Praise the Lord! I have Brian's passport! Let's just say we were sweating that a little bit...

Another cool document we received is Isaiah's birth certificate! How cool to see our son's name, along with ours as his parents, on a legal document. The birth certificate shows his birthday as September 2 - we thought it was the 4th, but how cool that he shares a birthday with Uncle Evan!

Things are really crazy here right now! Brian is working late, trying to get things wrapped up there. I farmed Emma out for a few hours to get some final errands done. I have three huge suitcases in my room with stuff flowing out of them, plus a huge bin in the living room with donations. I haven't weighed everything yet, but at least it looks like everything will fit. Now I just pray we don't grossly exceed weight limits.


owlhaven said...

Hooray!!! Wishing you a great trip!



Renee said...

I am just sooo HAPPY for you!!! I can't wait unitl he is in your arms.


Katie R. said...

Have a GREAT trip!!!

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