Sunday, December 03, 2006

A little better...

We got a little more snow the other day. Only about an inch, but this time it really stuck to the roads, which made for tough driving conditions for a couple days. We enjoyed watching it fall though, and Emma and Daddy had a fun time with the sled.

Ready to go out. (Uh, I guess we forgot to wipe the pizza off her cheeks.)

Night-time sledding is the best!

Warming up by the fire.

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Solomon & Malachi said...

We tried to adopt through the State foster care system recently, but another family was chosen for the little one. We've always had a heart for Africa. May I ask which agency you're using to grow your family? Your little son looks so healthy and happy (of course your daughter's cute, too!), it just makes me ponder... could common folk like us really adopt from Africa?

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