Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Court is on Friday!!!!! (updated)

Our court date is THIS FRIDAY, the 29th! Praise the Lord for answering our prayers for a quick court date. After Friday (which is really Thursday night, for us) Isaiah Eftalem will be legally ours!!!!! This is so exciting - my heart is litterally pounding with excitement.

Please join us in prayer that everything will go smoothly in court and the Judge will grant us favor.

**Update: I should probably mention that we won't likely hear anything until next week - Tuesday at the earliest. It seems like there is usually a day or two before families hear if they passed court, and with the weekend and holiday I'm expecting a delay.


Christi said...

OH MY GOSH!!! What exciting news!

...can't work...

We will be anxiously waiting to hear news on Thursday/Friday.

Anne said...

Congratulations!! Woo hoo!!

Laura said...

Hooray!!! We're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!

Jen said...

Oh Shana and Brian!! I am so excited for you! I dreamed last night that the boys and I were at your house. It was springtime, and Collin and Emma were going down the slide while Isaiah and Owen were romping around in the grass. It was fantastic! I hope it'll be a dream come true this spring! Love you!!

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