Thursday, November 02, 2006

Praying for Group A (Update)

If you think of it, please join me in prayer for "Group A" - they are the first group of families within our agency to go through court since the closure. After being postponed once already, they are scheduled to have their cases heard tomorrow (Friday) - actually probably just a few hours from now in Ethiopian time. Court is a big deal - it's when the Ethiopian government actually recognizes the new parents. Everything hinges on passing through court smoothly.

And if you like, hop on over to Anne's blog and let her know you are supporting her. She is in group A, and is scheduled to leave for Ethiopia in TWO days to finally meet her baby girl. (On a selfish side note: I am really hoping nothing delays Anne's trip, because she has promised to take pictures of a special someone for me.)

**Update: All group A cases passed through court! Congratulations, everyone!


owlhaven said...

Do you have a referral???!?!?

Hoping wonderful things for you


Ginger said...

That was quite the cryptic post there...I hope we hear good news from you soon. I know that Anne will get some great photos for you.

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