Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Tour of Homes

Our house is all decked out for the season, and Christmas music is streaming 24/7. I thought it might be fun to share some pictures of our trimmings, since a lot of our family and friends won't be able to visit in person. I think it would also be fun for others to give tours of their festive homes; so feel free to make a comment if you have pictures to share.

Holiday lights. Brian put these up in the pouring rain, because he figured that would be better than trying to do it in the huge snow storm we were expecting.


Our 9 foot tree. I chose a theme of silver and white - with a touch of gold this year.

Is it real?

Emma's tree. She decorated it herself. Notice the concentration of ornaments (or "angels", as she calls them) around the middle.

Nativity scene on the left; mantel on the right.

Our new stocking holders have each of our names engraved - even one for Isaiah! (We still need to get a stocking for Isaiah.)

My treasured Pottery Barn glitter star, with the railing garlands in the background.


Anonymous said...

Your place looks very cozy! Did you hear about our big snow storm? School has been canceled the last two days. I guess I got my wish!
:) Tracy

Laura said...

Oooh!! Your house looks so great! Straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog!
Merry Christmas!!