Monday, October 23, 2006

Question for you "experienced" folks

For any of you who are parents to Ethiopian or black children, I have a question. I would like to bring a few "grooming" supplies to Ethiopia with me for Meskerem, but I'm not sure what I need.

When I bathe her, can I use an all-over product like Johnson and Johnson baby wash? Or do I need something different for her hair, even though she has very little of it?

What about lotions? Is there any specific type that works well, or that I should avoid?

Please be specific with brand names, etc. Thanks for your help!


5KidMom said...

We use Aveeno Baby Wash for body and hair. We also use Aveeno Baby Lotion for body and hair. Even now that Grace's hair is starting to get a bit longer, the lotion still works great. From what I can see in the pictures you have posted of Meskerem, she and Grace have similar hair. As far as the actual "grooming" goes, all you really need for that little bit of hair is a fine tooth comb and your fingers. The fancy stuff comes late (thank goodness).

Windy_Nite said...

Hello. Johnston & Johston baby wash and lotion will work fine. I wouldn't suggest however putting lotion in her hair. It tends to dry our hair out. For the early years you really don't need to put any sort of product in her hair. Also please make to to keep her skin moisturized.

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