Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pumpkin Fest

Today we made our second annual trip out to The Berry Ranch farm. This is a great farm with a general store, petting zoo, maze, and best of all - hay rides out to the HUGEST pumpkin patch. Our friends Matt and Kim, and their kids came with us, and we all had a great time.

A cute little story....Last year we let Emma pick out her own pumpkin, and out of all the beautiful, orange, shiny pumpkins we saw, she picked a green one. We tried to coax her into selecting a different one, but she wouldn't have it. So this year we started prepping her early, talking about how she would pick a nice, ORANGE pumpkin. Which she did. This pumpkin is perfect - even color, symmetrical shape. Only one problem; it has a small crack on top, which leaks pumpkin "juice". Once again, we tried to talk her out of this pumpkin. But she wouldn't have it. She loves this pumpkin, proven by her crocodile tears and saying "I want the broken one!" Such a compassionate girl. When we got home, Emma exclaimed "my pumpkin's not bleeding anymore!"

Emma standing with some HUGE pumpkins.

Family shot

Emma's pumpkin

Brian's (ahem) pumpkin

Matt and the kids with all our loot

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