Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Updates

I am still out of town, but Brian got home yesterday. I am helping my sister in law take care of her three kids while her husband is out of town. Yesterday Emma got to join her cousin at dance class, which was so cute.

I didn't end up going to my high school reunion. I was surprisingly unaffected by not going. Instead, we stayed late at a small family reunion that day, which was a blast.

News from our adoption agency is that there are currently enough babies to refer to families all the way through mid-April, as long as the babies all pass their medicals. Since we are a March family, that pretty much means our baby is for sure there! Please join us in prayer that the babies will all be healthy, and that the process goes smoothly from here on out. We are about to enter the tough period which makes the past six months of waiting seem like a piece of cake.

I am going to be starting a part-time job next week, until our baby comes. It is for a company I used to work for, and I will be working from home mostly so things won't change too much. I need to get a drug test this week since the corporate headquarters happen to be right here. I hope I pass! ;)

And finally, our new semester of Young Marrieds is starting up this week. Brian and I are leaders, which means he will get to meet our new group without me. This should be a really fun semester as we will be learning about the five love languages.

That's the update from the White's this week!

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