Friday, September 01, 2006

Five months and counting

This past Tuesday marked five months that we've been waiting for our referral. When we first started this process last December, I never imagined we would still be waiting to see our child, let alone meet them in person. I honestly thought there was a chance we would have our baby home at the beginning of summer, or by the end for sure.

There have been a lot of factors slowing things down throughout the months. Probably the biggest factor is that more agencies are being allowed to facilitate Ethiopian adoptions, which means more waiting parents. There is also the "Angelina Jolie" affect, which has brought media attention to Ethiopian adoptions, therefore increasing interest. All this is good news, of course, because more kids are finding families.

Part of me is so very anxious to hear of more babies being admitted into our orphanage, in hopes that one of them might be ours. On the other hand, I am very aware of the tremendous loss which has to happen in order for that to occur, and then I am willing to wait a bit longer.

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Anonymous said...

That's a nice perspective on the subject, Shana. I'm proud of you!


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