Friday, September 08, 2006

"Ethiopian Time"

There is a term used loosely, called "Ethiopian Time". It's kind of like "Island Time" in Hawaii, where things move slow and relaxed - only a little more confusing too. For example, they actually tell time differently in Ethiopia. I still haven't totally figured it out, but it's something like when the sun comes up, that is when the new time starts at zero. So six or seven in the morning is one o'clock. Thankfully I guess most Ethiopians also use our "Western Time", but I hear it's a good idea to double-check before you arrive six hours late - or early for an appointment.

Here is another quote I got from our agency director. This is in reference to the annual court closure which is currently in affect. I found it both funny and frustrating.

"There is not an exact date for court reopening. Evidently the judges sort of return to work on their own schedules, so we have to just hope for the best on that."

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Christi said...

I wish I could return to work on my own schedule!

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