Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Friends and Good Times

We spent the weekend at my dad's lake house with some old friends. We have done this trip annually with the same friends for five years now. In the early years the trip was "girls weekend" with no husbands. Then, after we started having kids, I guess we decided we should bring the guys along to "help". Somehow, this year, things took a turn and started feeling more like "guys weekend". The guys played 18 holes of golf, watched football, played poker (okay, we all played poker) watched golf, and played silly games in the water. It was fun having the guys there, but we might seriously consider girls-only again next year. :)

The guys demonstrating different uses for their "noodles".

Emma sunbathing with daddy.

Sarah and sweet baby Ava.

Self-portrait of me and Tracy while driving a golf cart.

I have more pictures to post, but blogger is being stubborn. More to come...

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