Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Weekend Plans (or Why I Love Walmart)

I went to Walmart today, list in hand, ready to pick up a few things (7, to be exact). Now, I'm pretty sure if you grab a cart at Walmart, it is scientifically impossible to leave without filling it. Or at least without spending over $100. This time I spent almost twice that (shhh, don't tell Brian).

We are heading out of town this weekend, and going to my dad's lake house in eastern Washington. So, I figured I better pick up a few "necessities" for our trip. Here they are, in random order, as pictured below.

1. Two sporty water bottles. I always see cool, athletic people carrying these around, so I figured they were must-haves. At least I can justify them because we won't have to buy as many water bottles at Costco now.
2. Veggie Tales and Elmo movies. Movies are a must-have for any long car ride with a toddler, and Brian and I are a bit tired of our current selection. Definite must-have.
3. 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD. Do I even have to explain myself here? I have to be in a swimsuit in two days. 'Nuff said.
4. 2-Pound dumbbells. For those huge biceps I am going to get.
5. Two inflatable floating devices. For mom and daughter. Hey, they were cheap.
6. Two splash footballs. We need to stay entertained, right? At least we can also use them in our pool here. Multiple uses....that's the same as necessary, right?
7. Warm-up Suit for Emma. It was like 5 bucks, and she needs something for the cool evenings. Totally necessary.
8. Four mini American flags. Every kid needs something patriotic to wave around on the 4th, right?
9. Hydrocortisone Cream. I have the most lame, most sensitive skin in the world, and I can't stop itching for some reason. No question there.
10. Assortment of Sun Screen and Self-Tanner. I'm all about a safe tan. Definite must-haves.
11. Fisher Price Snap on Dress up Doll and accessories. Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch here, but doesn't sweet little Emma deserve something new to play with while we're there?

That completes my list of vacation must-haves. You may have noticed that everything remains in its original packaging. That is because when Brian comes home there is a good chance he will want to kill me - or at least make me return something.


owlhaven said...

i was there too today-- got a swimsuit, an outfit, makeup, dog food, cat food, etc etc. $150!! Eeek. the only people food was bananas! But I am so thrilled to have found a nice swimsuit AND a little skirt thing for only $30!

I love Walmart too


Brianna Heldt said...

You go Shana and Mary! I frequent Target more than WalMart but I love both. And I too can never make it out spending less than $100...

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